Be a ForestSAT Gold Partner

ForestSAT Cloud-based Satellite Earth Observation AI App needs local Cloud/GIS partners.

If you are a web, data sciences company or an authorized partner for a leading software company, you can be ForestSAT partner for your region or community.

As a cutting-edge space-tech and AI company dedicated to bringing our solutions to the grassroots and communities, we need local partners.

We believe partnerships are the cornerstone of success. That is why we have a focus on empowering local partners in solving big problems of sustainability. 

As a Cloud Partner, you will be gaining knowledge, be a part of a learning process about Space Earth Observation, GIS, Machine Learning and AI.

You will be selling, localizing and delivering ForestSAT App Platform and Services.

As a partner, you’ll gain access to unparalleled space-data and remote sensing industry expertise. You will join us in our incubator and accelerator programs.

The challenges of climate risks are severe. As ForestSAT partner, you will be one of the first to offer real solutions.


Satellite Technology

Cloud Data Solutions

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

New revenues

Learning & Knowledge sharing

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