Satellite Forest Monitoring

Forest Fire Prevention

Your community satellite app to prevent destructive wildfires

What ForestSAT App Will Do for You

ForestSAT App brings data and analytics from 12 Earth Observation satellites to create warnings, alerts, and awareness of the biodiversity & forest ecosystem near your community. The app brings forest flora and fauna into human conscience motivating responsible behavior in interaction with the forest lowering risk of fire ignition and wildfire destruction. It is a powerful tool for protection and regeneration of  your valuable ecosystem.

12 Satellites on Mobile

Monitoring community and forest eco system with analytics of 12 Earth Observation Satellites

Preventive Action

Take Preventive action against wildfire.

Fire Risk Index

See Granular Wildfire Risk index to understand areas and assets at risk

Community Engagement

Awareness is the key to responsible behavior to prevent ignition.

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Empowering Forest Fire Prevention through Innovative Mobile Applications

Unparalleled awareness of the unseen richness of nature and the threats it faces from climate change, commercial exploitation & irresponsible actions.

Your ForestSAT app connects community and youth with nature, creating awareness & empathy to protect, defend and regenerate bio diversity and forest ecosystem.

Earth Observation From Satellites to Mobile

Processing decades of satellite data straight to the app

SpaceTech for Nature in every hand

Power Packed

Satellite Images, Data, Analysis and AI powerpacked into a mobile app for Forest Fire Prevention and Ecosystem awareness

Protecting our forests has never been more crucial. At ForestSAT, we bring together the forces of nature and technology to create mobile applications that combat the destructive forces of wildfires. With our cutting-edge solutions, we empower individuals, communities, and organizations to make a significant difference in forest fire prevention.

Gain the upper hand on Forest Fires with our advanced early detection systems that identify fire risk areas before they can ignite and escalate into megafires.

Take preventive actions and mitigate the risk of fires, protecting lives, property, and our natural environment.

Utilize our mapping and visualization tools to identify fire-prone regions, hotspots, and critical resources.

Optimize resource allocation, plan preventive measures, and enhance preparedness for fire emergencies.

Forest Ecosystem Awareness

ForestSAT is to nature ecosystems what Google Maps is to urban navigation.

How It Works

We process decades of satellite data from 10 satellites, add analytics of forest data and create a profoundly engaging  app, hyper local and customized to your community.

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