Monitor Vast Forests Prevent Wildfires

Get unparalelled perspective and awareness of your forest ecosystem, risks and threats therein to take advance preventive mitigative action while engaging community in responsible conservation action.

Power of Satellite Data & AI

Decades of Research

ForestSAT App is packed with decades of research.

Free Satellite Data

ForestSAT App will come loaded with millions of gigbytes of data, absolutely free

Satellite Images Analysed

More than 10 years of satellite images from multiple satellites are pore-process, pre-analysed through machine learning in ForestSAT app


ForrestSAT is a collaborative app for local experts, scientists and data providers to plugin and make the app super local

Quick Roll Out

ForestSAT engineers have frameworks in place that can be localized and rolled out within weeks

High ROI

ForestSAT App enables low cost prevention of wildfires leading to regneration of forests with community participation. It can save large costs and damage from actual wildfires.

Benefits of ForestSAT App

With ForestSAT App in your community, you are one step ahead with up-to-the-minute information, enabling you to make informed decisions and take swift action to prevent devastating forest fires.

is Forearrmed

is better than
Fire Fighting

at your service

Engage youth
in sustainability

Hyper Local

ForestSAT will be localized for your community with the option to add field, drone, aerial, and high-resolution satellite images. 

Local IT Partnerships

Social Media Plugin

Education and Tourism

Map Sustainable Action

You Can Fix What You Can See

ForestSAT App has more than 30 satellite data analytics giving a deep insight to the whole community into the ecosystem, you inhabit with earths wonderful flora and fauna.