FRIDA the App - Briefly

  • FRIDA is an innovative forest fire prevention app that utilizes Earth Observation (EO) satellite data to heighten community awareness and encourage proactive engagement in wildfire prevention. 
  • The app offers a suite of features for engaging the public, media, community leaders as well as policy makers through transparent insights, threat and risk analytics derived from EO satellites.
  • FRIDA has all the characteristics of social media, creating a space for information, education and awareness through storytelling based on factual data. With visualisations of forest biodiversity and habitat at risks, and alerts on potential damage from wildfires, FRIDA aims to close the biggest problem in community awareness and engagement in taking collective preventive actions against wildfires. 
  • FRIDA pinpoints precise areas at high fire risk, enabling community, business and forest managers to take preventive actions well ahead of fire seasons. 
  • With powerful analytical capabilities continually assessing future fire risk areas in the background,  FRIDA is under friendly app and a storytelling platform, bringing the imagery and analytical visuals of forests, flora, and fauna closer to the human conscience. 
  • The application encourages responsible interactions with our forests, aiming to reduce the risk of fire ignition and the consequent destruction of wildlife.
  • In providing a Wildfire Risk Index, FRIDA empowers stakeholders—from community leaders to the general public—imparting a clear understanding of the wildfire risks to habitats, assets, and infrastructures. This endeavour underscores the importance of awareness and its direct correlation with taking preventative measures against wildfires.
  • Powered by advanced AI and machine learning for dynamic risk profiling, mapping and visualisation, FRIDA processes data from satellites, aerial sources, drones, and on-field assessments to identify polygons susceptible to fires and assets and lives at risk in the event of those fires. It leverages GPT and large language models to translate complex analytics into compelling narratives in local languages, thus making the information accessible and actionable.
  • At its core, FRIDA is more than an app—it’s an essential tool in the collective effort to protect our natural environment, ensure the safety of our communities, and promote the regeneration of valuable ecosystems through informed, preventative actions.